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Why NTBs are still a big problem to regional trade

Traders are losing millions of francs through non-tarrif barriers (NTBs) along the Northern and Central corridors, a new survey has revealed.According to a survey by the National Monitoring Committee on NTBs and East African Community, some partner states have not done much to eliminate NTBs, which is hurting business growth.

“The slow pace at which some of the member states are removing non-tariff barriers has resulted into a profound effect with 39 per cent of imports and exports paying a heavy price,” the study, “The Current Status of NTBs in East Africa” that was released last week in Kigali shows.In fact, according to the report, 24 per cent of manufactured goods are being affected by NTBs, 7 per cent rice, 7 per cent tea, and 5 per cent beverages.

Also, 3 per cent of dairy products and sugar are affected, as well as 1 per cent of beef and 3 per cent of agricultural processed products.Over all, Tanzania still has the highest number of NTBs at 26 per cent), followed by Kenya with 24 per cent, Uganda 22 per cent and Rwanda with 14 per cent, the report indicates.

According to Vincent Safari, the national co-ordinator in charge of NTBs at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, up to 72 per cent of NTBs have been resolved, while work is ongoing to remove 22 per cent of the barriers to trade.However, traders have recently reported up to 8 per cent NTBs to have been introduced by member states in the near past, hindering regional trade.


Why NTBs are still a big problem to regional trade. (2014, October 17). New Times Rwandan Online Newspaper

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